Type of Engineering Degrees

Engineering is a satisfying and lucrative career, especially for the scientific and mathematically minded person, but choosing a career path can be confusing with all the options available. Although there is usually some crossover among engineering professions, engineering degrees usually focus on the main aspects of one type of engineering.

Civil Engineering

  • Civil engineering focuses on how to make structures sound under pressure. Civil engineers consider things such as earthquakes, water flow and shifts in temperature to create the best possible plan for items such as buildings, road infrastructure, bridges and dams.

Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering

  • Chemical engineering is primarily focused on the manufacturing industry and ways to create better products. Product safety is a key component of a chemical engineer’s job. More recently, chemical engineers have been involved in environmental engineering issues, as many environmental problems can be relieved at the creation and manufacturing stage. Environmental engineering has become one of the most talked about engineering fields. Environmental engineers study the environment and figure out ways to improve or alleviate problems such as pollution, toxic spills and product waste.

Electrical Engineering

  • Electrical engineering is the largest field of engineering. Electrical engineering focuses on anything with an electrical current from a city power grid to a microprocessor.

Petroleum Engineering

  • Petroleum engineering focuses on determining where oil is located and the best method of extraction. Petroleum engineers design extraction methods, structures and transportation containers.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanical engineering is involved with almost any nonliving item that has moving parts, making it the most widespread area of engineering in terms of industry. Items such as car engines, ceiling fans and power tools all have the input of a mechanical engineer at the design process.

Aerospace Engineering

  • Aerospace engineering is the study of how objects move through space. Everything from a rocket ship to a golf ball may fall under the aerospace engineer’s field of study. Aerospace engineering is not only limited to the atmosphere, but is also applied to products that move under water.