Top Online Degrees


Business is largely conducted electronically these days so it makes sense that online business degrees – both undergraduate and graduate – have become increasingly popular among students.

Criminal Justice

When earning your criminal justice degree online, you might take classes on cyber-security and criminal profiling while also studying broader topics like juvenile justice and the legal system.

Health Care

In recent years, the health care industry has embraced technology to help convert its medical records into electronic form while also delivering and managing patient care efficiently. By taking classes like health care administration and data management systems online, students could be using computers and the latest software to analyze how this transformation is taking place.

Computer and IT

It’s not hard to imagine why computer and IT courses work well online. Study IT online and you’ll likely be using the latest tools and technology to design software, practice trouble-shooting, and learn about networking and security issues.


If you want to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing, an online education can help make it happen. While it’s important to check with each school for details, it may be possible to earn your BSN online if you’ve already completed enough hours on the job as an RN to have the requisite clinical experience. Any remaining requirements may only involve academic coursework that can be completed online.