Legal & Criminal Justice

A criminal justice degree provides students with a thorough understanding of the criminal justice system. It covers a wide variety of topics including the courts, law, corrections, police work, juvenile justice and the causes of crime. Students earning a criminal justice degree will have broad knowledge of how the criminal justice system works on the federal, state and local level.

Criminal Justice Degrees

There are many entry level positions in criminal justice that can be obtained without any post-secondary education, but most criminal justice jobs require at least an Associate’s degree in criminal justice to be considered. Undergraduate and graduate criminal justice degrees, such as a Bachelor’s or Master’s in criminal justice, are available with concentrations and specializations discussed below. Online colleges are a convenient and flexible way to earn a criminal justice degree without disrupting your current schedule, especially since online criminal justice degrees are gaining popularity.

Criminal Justice Salary

For criminal justice jobs, the annual salaries and average pay scales are important. Because there are so many different criminal justice professions and positions, the salary varies tremendously. The average annual pay for criminal justice jobs is about $60,000, ranging from $25,000 to more than $150,000, with police and detective supervisor salaries about $80,000, FBI agents at $75,000, and private detectives around $50,000. Higher criminal justice salaries are generally earned by individuals with several years of experience, with overtime, and often by a person with a master’s degree in criminal justice. However, due to increasing demand in recent years, many criminal justice jobs, including the LAPD, have begun offering starting salaries at approximately $65,000, with full benefits and great overtime pay.

Criminal Justice Degree Jobs

Some people aren’t quite sure what criminal justice is because there are so many different careers within the criminal justice field. With a criminal justice degree, individuals can find jobs in various law enforcement agencies, prison and correctional facilities, the court system, security firms, hospitals, insurance agencies, and much more. Sometimes criminal justice professionals can own their own business. Some of the most popular criminal justice jobs are discussed below. Remember that most of these jobs will require at least an online criminal justice degree.