Master’s Degree

A master’s degree is a degree obtained from a graduate program in which people specialize in a particular subject.

For some occupations, attaining a master’s degree is the most worthwhile way to earn a comfortable salary. It’s typically beneficial to students who have clearly defined career goals, or people who are already working in their fields of choice, but wish to advance further and gain additional responsibility by mastering their disciplines.

Salary Comparison

If done right, a master’s degree can accumulate quite a return. According to the the US Census Bureau, a master’s is worth $1.3 million more on average than just a high school diploma. In their lifetimes, high school graduates make $1.2 million, bachelor’s degree holders make $2.1 million and master’s degree holders make $2.5 million – that’s more than double high school graduates and $400,000 more than those who have bachelor’s degrees. On a yearly basis, those with master’s degrees earn around $10,000 more than those with bachelor’s degrees.