Online Education

Distance Learning is an established and popular method of learning, delivering education to millions of people all over the world. In essence distance learning is when students are able to learn at a distance from the learning provider. In recent years the demand for distance education options has grown exponentially. This is a result of the introduction of new instructional technologies that are revolutionizing the student learning experience.

Distance learning offers a perfect combination of quality and convenience. A recent study indicates that the majority of employers, learning institutes and academics are invested in the opportunities distance learning brings to their employees or students. Demand for distance learning courses stems from several audiences, including all spectrums of society: professionals, adult learners, school leavers, and school students.

Indeed, Adult Learners (aged between 25 – 80) are the fastest growing education demographic. Statistics from the Census Bureau and the US. Department of Education show that almost 40 percent of all people enrolled in courses are over 25, with an average age of 30, and these numbers are steadily increasing.

In short, online learning is becoming a mainstream delivery method in education. This offers a very existing opportunity, for all those people who in the past may have missed out on education: working moms, busy professionals, senior citizens…the list is endless!